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Traditional Media

While digital marketing tools are essential to almost every business, traditional media avenues still work well and are usually essential to successful campaigns. The reason that we’ve been in business since 1960 is that we make sure to stay on the cutting edge of our industry. Consequently, we truly understand the art & science of the media mix and how best to make it work for our clients.

  • Print Media Ad Creation
  • Poster Design
  • Direct Mail Design
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Brochure/Marketing Material Design
  • Outdoor & Out-of-Home Media Creation
  • Television and Radio Concepting & Production
  • Specialty Items & Merchandise Design

I work regularly with Waters & Bridgman on a wide variety of my business ventures and non-profit entities. The closest to my heart is probably Port Warwick, a highly successful, mixed-use real estate development. W&B created the branding, advertising, websites and several special events for us. They even came up with the name, Port Warwick, leading to a highly publicized literary connection with the late William Styron. I continue to throw any number of challenges at them. They always come through like the creative professionals they are.

Bobby Freeman
Tower Park Corporation

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